I take with me the creativity in all areas of life, and much of what I have around me must follow into the world of creativity

I work in a variety of techniques, but there are some who take more of my time, ceramics and soundart. I also work with photography, installations, painting and some performanceart.

Since a number of years, I work with two colleagues in the artgroup "Gelvatre". You can see some pictures from the exhibitions at: www.gelvatre.se


Techniques in Ceramics and glass




Regulare stoneware



Electronics have always fascinated me. Everything from electronic music to handcraft. Circuitbending has given me some strange noises;) Today I work with artsounds.


Painting, mostly with Acrylics.


The first was on a music-festival, I was wearing a suite and visitors sprayed me with coloured sour milk, the bottles were marked with words like "perform" "Work out" "Dieting" and more. They ducktaped me and sprayed me and I tried to take me from point a to point b.

In the second work I used white safety clothes and white mask, went into a room and put a worldmap into the shredder, I walked out of the room, changed to suit and clown makeup. Then I started to reconstruct the map.

The third work were when we opened up a artgallery called "Galleri VITT Brus" (White Noise). I again put on the white safety clothes and the white mask. I played white noise and made arrows out of chalk on the street and messing out "It´s not impossible".

The fourth work: I sat at the floor and painted 8 circles, then I started to cut of my hair. The hair that had fallen into the circles was moved into a lightbulb. When someone past the bulb it light up and the hairtrimmer started. (To enlighten people about Trump's eight daily official lies).